Home delivery brings bigger risk of CORONA

Home delivery brings bigger risk of CORONA, when we receive parcel handled at multiple points and passed through so many hands before coming to us. There is immediate need of doing disinfection of each and every parcel and execute touch less delivery.

Corona outbreak has completely change way of living and affected our life in many ways, we realised that while  we are  starting  our day to day commercial, social and economy  activities but we have to continue to live with uncertainty and carrying risk COVID19 all the time. While maintaining hygiene, sanitisation, mask, social distance are new normal and becoming integral part of human behaviour but has brought many challenges and problems to resolve.

Problem identified:

Getting things  at home through e-commerce is changed  behaviour of Indian consumer, now living with  COVID19 being at home and working from home is not only new normal but need of the hours and hence in coming days door visits of delivery boys in societies are expected to increase many fold and this will bring multiple challenges to RWAs to handle like:

  1. Multiple visit of delivery boys  in multiple houses will increase risk of COVID19.
  2. Handling these delivery boys at gate will increase transactions for guard who are already doing extra vigil to restrict movements and maintain social distance norms.
  3. Even if RWAs stopped delivery at door and receive it at society main gate will result challenge of handling these valuable shipment and delivering back to respective receivers of goods.

Solutions offered:

Millionriders will ensure no outside delivery boys moves in society and all goods and services delivered at home with zero risk of COVID19. Millionriders has come out with effective solution to this problem supported with technology and easy process of convenient which will automate deliveries of all homes of society with back ward integration from delivery companies.

Millionriders is last mile  hyper local delivery network  of highly efficient trained certified riders , we deliver products or services you demand  from your nearby areas. Millionriders is service vertical under Tripple MMM Logysmart Pvt Limited a Million Minds group company.

Standard operating procedures:

  1. Millionriders will appoint fully trained certified,  with back ground verification checked and specially trained on  norms of COVID19 sanitisation,  hygiene. This rider will be on full time service to society. This will ensure only one identified person going to door step to receiver instead many with no identification and no back ground identifications.
  2. All deliveries are received at gate and entered into Millionriders software and auto acknowledgement goes back to delivery company.  All packages are disinfected and then made ready for delivery.
  3. Deliveries will be touch less and dropped at gate  and geo tag photo with parcel will be shared with receiver.
  4. Receivers need to pay a nominal charges  or can opt for monthly subscription.
  5. Society members can use Millionriders services for their daily use products or services they demand  from your nearby areas

This unique solution will help RWAs to keep their society safe and deliver convenient to its members.

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